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Maesgwyn Farm Shop is a small, family run enterprise located in West Wales dedicated to providing real food and locally produced craft work for those who value artisan products rather than that provided by the mass market.

Through initial production and supply to friends and family Maesgwyn has gradually become recognised as a source of rare breed Pork, Lamb and Mutton that actually tasts like it used to. Recently we have begun to provide meat across the UK and we have now reached a landmark position where we recognise we need to use technology to better support our clients and expand into new markets. Our intention is to maintain the animal friendly production methods to ensure the meat we provide is always top quality and ethically produced. More recently, Maesgwyn have linked in with Porc.Wales to highlight the quality of Welsh pork available.

Maesgwyn’s main business is in supplying fresh meat in varying packages and cuts from a whole pig/lamb, 1/2 pig/lamb or a 1/4 of a pig/lamb all butchered to request and vacuum packed at the butchers for your safety. We will also supply meat by weight and cut to meet individual requirements while stocks last. All meat will be delivered on a next day basis by courier by 12 noon.

In addition, Maesgwyn can supply registered or in-registered wieners for those who wish to raise their own Pedigree stock, either for meat or as replacements or to start anew.

About the Animals

Maesgwyn Farmshop Logo

Berkshire Pigs

Currently we have 3 pedigree sows ( Bess, Tilly and Lucky) as well as our own pedigree boar ( Kermit ) with more on the way next year to expand production. It is essential for the production of quality pork to ensure the sows have a stress free outdoor free range life as much as possible. Hence the pigs all live outside in the fields with their own arcs with the ability to root and run to their hearts content. They are also limited to a single litter a year and with their support from January 2018 we will be in a position to provide 3 pigs for the table each month for sale via the web.


Our flock of sheep has been building over the past 2-3 years and currently we have nearly 40 ewes and Rams. All our sheep are grass fed and we have been able to increase our grazing this year by another 10 acres to ensure we have a plentiful supply of good succulent welsh grass. The development of our flock is slightly behind that of the pigs but we are currently able to supply a limited amount of fresh welsh lamb and mutton for the table from stock lambs and mutton. Later this month we will be putting 25 ewes to the Ram for lambing in April 2018. This should enable us to begin volume supply of fresh lamb in the latter part of 2018 or early 2019.


Need help choosing a cut of meat or size of joint? Or want more information on our animals? Please get in touch with us.

Capel Iwan
Newcastle Emlyn
SA38 9LT

Tel: 01559 370 663
Mob: 07786 541 367
Email: help@maesgwyn-farmshop.co.uk




Updates to follow.  Meanwhile please refer to our Facebook page via the link at the bottom of this page.